About The London Rum Club

The London Rum Club offers a membership-based rum box. With the choice of a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly membership we are hopeful you’ll find something suitable. Every month, you (or a friend, if you purchase a gift subscription) will receive an exciting bottle of rum sourced from distilleries across the world. Whether you’re a seasoned lover of rum or a total newcomer, you’re sure to discover something new and delicious that can’t simply be found on the shelf of any supermarket.

A Word from Our Founder

“Hi My name is Patrick. I realised some time ago that:
1. I. Love. Rum. and;
2. Whenever I go to a bar or visit the supermarket, I kept seeing the same old brands….
….Personally, I wanted more variety. I wanted to learn more about rum, and explore rums that were not readily available in the UK. I wanted to sample dark, white, and spiced rums from Cuba, the Caribbean, and the rest of the world. With the help of some very eager friends, who were only too happy to help me test, I decided to set up a member’s club that sources and delivers the best-tasting craft rums I could find.